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Marilyn - Autographed Hardback
  • A childhood of abuse and a straight razor solution have landed Marilyn in a dead-end job as a waitress at a short order diner on El Paso’s south side within sight of the border with Juarez.


    Scarred from the long ago abuse she is content to wait tables and walk home at the end of her shift to her one room rental. She sees no change in her circumstances until the diner’s dishwasher Poncy hits her up with a proposal at the request of Xavier, his drug lord cousin from Juarez: Ride along as a drug mule decoy on a heroin delivery from Texas to Kentucky.


    The money is big, the work is easy and a GPS will point the way. All she has to do is ride. Marilyn and Poncy soon find themselves betrayed and pursued by a past his prime Texas ranger, Columbian assassins, Texas rednecks and a Juarez hitman. It all seems hopeless until Marilyn and her razor take control.


    Marilyn is a novel of survival and one woman’s refusal to permit a parade of men to define the outcome of her life.

    Marilyn - Autographed Hardback

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